Not that we’re aware of. But you never can tell with those cabals. 

Is this a shady government cabal?



It’s a space for where we can grow together, as activists and as people. It’s a space where we can learn from experts and from each other about how to be our best selves, individually and collectively, in the current political climate and social turmoil. And how to be together.

What is Deep State?



Deep State is about the stories of everyone ready to confront this tumultuous political moment and longstanding systems of racial and social justice. We’re a diverse and intersectional experience: diverse in terms of race, but also background, experience, gender, class, sexual orientation, age, ability, and experience. We’re committed to having everyone in the room because we think it’s the fundamental unfulfilled promise of America -- as a place that welcomes and cherishes every human story. Deep State is an opportunity for you to have a space where you can get to know, more deeply, the people standing with you in the struggle for good.

Who will be there? 




Where did this come from?


The project started as a series of Action Item Fairs -- day-long events in New York City to help concerned citizens bring activism “offline and into their daily life.” We knew that helping people get involved in activism was essential, but we also were hoping to have a more immersive and experiential space to have deep conversations and really see and hear people beyond the familiar streets of New York. We want to support people interested in moving into a deeper relationship with political and social action. We want to help people from all communities become “intersectional allies,” and find their most effective and inspired place in our collective struggle for equality and justice. We know that we’re just beginning to figure out how to do this. And we’d like to try to figure it out together.

An intersectional ally is someone of any gender, ethnicity, or experience working to understand the way in which all of our struggles are connected.

What's an intersectional ally?




Deep State is a chance to connect, in person, and go deeper into community. An important aspect of this is giving others the gift of your attention and the protection of their privacy. We ask that you limit technology use to designated areas or in the cabins during down time. If you have a love/hate relationship with your phone and need extra support, we can store it safely for you where it'll always be available to you if you need to use it..


All participants will be assigned a bed in a shared cabin. Cabins hold 10-15 people each. Linens will be provided.


All meals, including food for people with dietary restrictions, will be provided in the camp cafeteria. Five meals are included in the cost of admission. 


Anything you might bring to an overnight camp: sleeping bag for crisp mornings and evenings, water bottle, swimwear, towels, notebook, pens & pencils. (Remember the digital detox.) Bed linens will be provided. And remember a significant portion will be held outside, and at night. So remember a flashlight, bug spray, and rain gear. Please prioritize biodegradable materials when possible.


If you wouldn’t bring it to a retreat, you probably shouldn’t bring it to camp. That includes the usual -- weapons, fireworks, and illegal substances. Food will be served, so please, no cooking equipment, and no lanterns with open flame.  

To keep us focused, please don't bring your adorable kids and pets. Alcohol will be served on Saturday night, but we encourage you not to bring your own, to help encourage an atmosphere of transparency and clarity.


We are in consultation with disability activists and accessibility experts will to increase accessibility to the camp and camp activities. Details to come.