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a camp for the newly activated



october 13-15



90 min from NYC


Across America, a surge of youthful activism has exploded, ignited by social movements, the political moment, and an expanded awareness of systems of oppression damaging our society.

But what if this surge is more than a "Resistance"? What if it's an awakening to a new vision, fueled by a new generation, for how political and civic engagement can lead us to more authentic lives and stronger social connections?

At Deep State, we believe in this awakening and are committed to fostering it, in ourselves and in each other.

For three days in October, we -- the "newly activated" next generation -- will come together at a camp in upstate New York to challenge ourselves on what it means to be engaged citizens. Through workshops, talks, and relationship-building activities, we'll push ourselves to go deeper into our ideas and positions, while developing skills to fight the current battles, and connections to sustain us. 

And we'll have fun doing it. With campfires, djs, capture the flag, our goal is to create a political space that's also soulfully social -- all in a beautiful environment easily accessible from NYC.  

Based on the Action Item Fair, a daylong "intro to progressive activism," Deep State aims to create an experience that lets you push yourself to a new level of awareness and action while leaving you refreshed, connected, and inspired for the work to come.


the experience.

We think politics doesn’t have to be staid or soulless. Part summer camp, part social justice festival, Deep State will be based on three concepts:


Talks, discussions, and skillshares to help you go deeper into your political and civic identity


Workshops to help you connect and build relationships


Time to kick back and relax, including camp games by day and dancings, djs, and bonfires during the night

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our ethos.


question 1 

can a social space be political?  


question 2

can civic work be inspiring?  


question 3

what unites us? 

We think politics is an act of community.

We think we're in this together. And the return of our investment in politics is the return of our idea of community and connection.

With Deep State, we want to experiment with this idea, with fusing the social and the political, an experience of genuine connection that doesn't force to check your politics at the door. 

We think politics should be inspired, and inspiring. 

That's why we're progressive. Because we refuse to be content with the world we inherit. Because we believe in the power of imagination and creativity.

And so we want Deep State to be not only serious, but creative, a space of imagination and improvisation. 

We're committed to common ground.

And so we want Deep State to be inclusive of as many different perspectives and visions for our progressive future as possible. We know this will be hard. The point, we think, is to try.